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“If Plan A Fails, Remember There Are 25 Letters More.” Chris Guillebeau

When Plan A Fails…

I had a last minute plan for father’s day breakfast, and everything seemed like a rush. My husband had to run to the store late in the evening for grocery shopping for what was meant to be a surprise. So some things were already not working, but I still had faith that everything would work out perfectly according to my plan ‘A’.  

He went to the store, came back, and stored everything in their rightful places while I was upstairs. When I came down, I was very pleased that he took the extra efforts to do that even though he had a hectic day.

I thought, “Oh, babe, thank you so much for everything.” then I went right back upstairs without checking whether he got all the items I wanted him to get at the store.

When We Fail To Double Check …

Always double check, whether it is a project, grocery list, work, etc. Double checking does not hurt, rather it eliminates unwanted surprises.

Unwanted Surprises – Plan A Fails…

I already gave away what is coming next. Mind you I had a little bit of a rough night because of stomach cramps, and to top it all I had to wake early in order to prepare the surprise breakfast. Well, by that time it was no more a surprise since I’m sure by now he realized what was going on. I slept for only 3 hours and I was awake even before I needed to be so I was a little reluctant. I had to snuggle in with my blanket again.

The Guilty Feeling When You Know What to Do but Don’t Want to Do It…

As turned to face my husband, staring right into his beautiful greenish-gray eyes, something inside prompted me to get up and get this man some special breakfast. I kissed him on his forehead and said ‘good morning, my love’ and got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up and head to the kitchen.

Here Comes My Father’s Day Surprise

I was the one planning the surprise; instead, I received the surprised from the one I was planning the surprise for. I brought the ingredients together and turned on the oven and started prepping. Now I’m done with prepping and about to start cooking and baking then I realized the main element of the dish was missing. I rushed upstairs and gently opened the door as if I was not going to wake him.

Me: Babe, did you get the pizza dough from the store?

Husband: Sorry, babe, I did not, but I got some flour. A whole new package of ‘All purpose flour’.

Me: What did you just say? I’m sure I never included that in the list or as a substitute.

My mind was wondering, oh no he did not just ruin my dish and never told me about it…

Communicate Always Even When Minor Changes Occur

My husband just assumed that it was no big deal since the dough is made out of flour. “I already solved the problem.” What he does not realize like many of us who sometimes assume – assumptions are not always an accurate representation of the real situation. Making the dough from scratch takes time. Him telling me about it the night before would have saved all this commotion.

Then Plan B Fails Too…

Just when I decided to just go for the second dish, I planned. I quickly prepped everything and was about to bake when I realized that cooking spray was missing too. The recipe I wanted to use strictly stated to use only cooking spray, highly recommended.

This time around I called him instead.

Me: Babe, where did you put the cooking spray?

Husband: Cooking spray?

Seemed like he forgot that was even included in the list. Now my blood was rushing and I had to catch my breath. Usually I am very patient, but for some reason today was different, maybe it is because the person I am trying to make happy or please or celebrate is the same person who is seemingly unknowing ruining my plans’

Devil, not today. I had to repeat this phrase over and over again until I was calm.

What’s Important May Not Be Necessarily Be Impressive or Perfect…

After a few minutes, I finally came back to earth and realized one thing – Why am I making this breakfast? Who am I trying to impress?

Then I remember this quote, “If Plan A Fail, Remember There Are 25 Letters More”. Chris Guillebeau

Second, my babe is easy to please and does not complain much when it comes to my cooking (at least not in front of me.)

Third, it is better to have a simple breakfast and enjoy our day then have the so-called ‘perfect breakfast’ and have a so not good day.

Fourth, there is always a solution waiting. It may not be perfect or what you wanted, but you can always work out something else, and that’s what happened today with our Father’s Day Breakfast

Yeahhhh, Finally, Plan C Works…

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Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles, out there.

“It’s The Courage To Raise A Child That makes You A Father.” Barack Obama

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