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No difficulty can discourage, no obstacle dismay, no trouble dishearten the man who has acquired the art of being alive. Difficulties are but dares of fate, obstacles but hurdles to try his skill, troubles but bitter tonics to give him strength; and he rises higher and looms greater after each encounter with adversity.  Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Our challenge and our opportunity are to define and implement that balance. It is in that place of balance that we are the most healthy — and the most able to serve”. Ruth Syre

We must learn to balance life in most capacities. I say most capacities because it is not about doing everything perfectly but doing and prioritizing what is important while enjoying the process of catching up with what is left undone. Self-Care is a must if you want to change the world and leave a meaningful impact

Below Are Some of The Self-Care Suggestions For Personal And Professional (Elizabeth Brownlee, 2016)


Supervision – Meeting with your supervisor at work to discuss and reflect on your work can be tremendous help for you. This was one thing that was encouraged and made available to all the employees in my former workplace.

— Group supervision – Meeting with that supervisor as a group also helps a lot because you hear other struggles, which can be a source of encouragement. It also provides the opportunity to share ideas and brainstorm on issues.

Peer support – Can be found within and outside of workplaces with other people who have similar work interests. You can learn and share tips and ideas or new research findings concerning work.

Tutorials– Take advantage of tutorials offered by your workplaces, those usually refresh your knowledge and aid in learning new skills.

— Conferences and workshops – Attending workshops and conferences is another form of networking and can be very educational.

Personal therapy – When necessary, you can see a therapist. Just because you are counselor or social worker does not mean that you are immune to mental health issues. Sometimes supervision takes care of this if you are lucky enough to have a supervisor who cares and is willing to take that role.

Personal development groups – Joining groups based on your interests is advisable too

— Journal writing – Journaling is important for various areas of personal development, work reflection, record keeping, thought clearing etc.


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Physical self-care activities

Healthy diet – Look for a diet that works for you. Life may be busy but taking care of your diet ensures that you live a healthy life in order to serve your purpose to the best of your ability.

Exercising – It is very important to exercise for both physical and mental fitness. There are different forms of exercise and finding what works for you is half of solving the problem.

Being outdoors – This could be just walking around your neighborhood or walking to and from work if you live nearby.  It could also mean just playing in your back yard, going to the park or hiking etc.

Psychological self-care activities

Seeing friends and family – Spend quality time with loved ones as much as possible.  But remember to do so out love and not obligation because enjoying the process is what is important.

Spending time alone – Spend time alone and find fun activities to do alone. Loving time spent alone is equally important because you cannot get away from yourself. Learn to recharge in solitude once in a while.

Watching TV/films – Watching tv or films to recharge can be both therapeutic and enjoyable. This is not the same as binge watching tv. Watch tv or movies to relax and have a recharge.

Reading and writing – Reading is like magic. You can be transported to another world just by reading. It helps take an escape from the trouble of this world. Writing also can help empty your sorrows as well as help keep joyous memories.

Mindfulness exercises – This is a must and offers great benefits. Look for the one the works for you.

Music – Another therapeutic experience. Listening to music of your choice can help lift your mood.

A balanced life meaning giving and receiving; giving from out of the overflow and also remembering to recharge so that there will always be enough to give. Remember to take care of yourself as you are taking care of others. Do Unto Others As You Like Them To Do Unto You – Golden Rule.  Give others the benefits to bless you in return.

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