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You welcome us and shield us from leaving

Doubts why do you dress like bravery
Fear why are you more appealing than courage
You make us believe that you are here for us

But whenever there’s an urge for a tranquillity you vanish like air
Your weight seems light yet your grip is like iron
Why do you lure men into your abyss to lock and trap?
When will you be satisfied?

You pretend to be our friend when we look for safety
You welcome us and shield us from leaving You entice us with promises of safety, protection, and comfort

When I try to unmask and face myself
You scream reminders of your safety plan
Just how safe am I?
Is mental imprisonment and endless doubt part of the plan?

Are you testing how many you can host in your abyss?
Though your grip is tight, with one touch of hope your foundation is shaken
When will humans learn to strip off your mask

2 thoughts on “Fear, Why You?

  1. Homemade.me – Self learner.Food lover.Home cook.Recipe developer. Wife.Mama Fantasied by dark photography
    Homemade.me says:

    Lovely write up

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you dear😊

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