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The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.  Confucius

Most of us are already aware of how our thoughts can either help live a healthy, successful life or steal our sense of joy and imprison us. Negative thoughts and emotions have the power to weaken our immune systems (Dr. Sheldon Cohen, professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University).  It shall be done for you as you have believe – Matthew 8:13 and Proverbs 23:7 For as he (a person) thinks in his heart, so is he.

The same thoughts create the same emotion that produces the same action which gets the result

– Research says that we have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day 
– We can get stuck in the same patterns of thought day after day. For example, if yesterday’s thoughts were full of worries about the future, today could be the same if you don’t alter your thought pattern.

Change From The Inside Out

Change takes place from the inside out.  You must change on the inside to see change on the outside. Likewise, your thoughts must change before your attitude changes.

Negative thoughts are like a virus that can eat up your livelihood and spread faster than you could ever imagine.

Learn new hobbies or engage in doing your favorite activities – listen to music, read, play sports, etc.  Perhaps switch off the tv for a period of time and do something different.

The order of change / transformation is ‘Individual transformation’ before social transformation

 Focus and attention = Success 

  • – When our focus and energy meet our self-belief and desire, productivity takes place. It is important to get focused on what you want and what you believe. 
  • If necessary, write down what you want
  • What you focus on is where you’re directing your energy. The power of positive thoughts is underestimated.
  • Direct your mental strength toward what matters to you or to your life calling. I believe that everyone has a calling and a gift, it is only a matter of working toward either discovering them or honing them.


Self- Mastery 

  • What do you believe about what you want? Knowing what you believe and what you want has to occur before self-mastery of any kind. For example, I believe that God created me for a purpose, and I am called to be a helper (to get inspired and to inspire others too). I am still figuring out exactly what my calling is.
  • Self-Reflect to figure out what you really want, at least for short term periods. Our “wants” change often, but that should not stop you. No experience is ever wasted. 
  • Some researchers argued that our brains are designed to win and programmed to lose. Whether that is true or not, we can gain something even from a loss if we focus on our goals.
  • Belief System – work on your belief system and on maintaining a positive mindset and outlook on life. The reality is that even though it is challenging to maintain a positive mindset, it is not impossible to do so. It is a process, and it takes time and practice to achieve.

 For example, in yourself reflection write down into two separate categories 
1. What I want 
2. What I believe 
This will help bring clarity on your goals and maintain focus on your energy

I wrote this after watching a TEDx talk by Lena Kay (Three Steps To Transform Your Life).  I do not necessarily agree with everything the speaker had to say, but there were some valuable lessons. I cherry-picked what I liked from the talk and changed the language to fit my belief and style. The three main points I think are important, and can lead to transformation / change with time and effort. Thank you for reading:)

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