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It doesn’t bother me that no one really cares
It doesn’t matter that I am alone 
It doesn’t matter that no one pays attention 
It doesn’t matter that only I can hear myself talk
It doesn’t matter that no one says I am beautiful 
It doesn’t matter what others think about me
It doesn’t matter that everyone is busy with their lives
It doesn’t matter that I have to eat alone 
It doesn’t matter that no one listens to my problems and heartaches 
It doesn’t matter that no one reads my posts 
It doesn’t matter that no knows how I feel
It doesn’t matter that no understands or gets me 
It doesn’t matter that no one remembers my birthday 
It doesn’t matter that I have to go home to a lonely apartment or house

We All Need

Someone to keep us company 
Someone to pay attention to us and our needs 
Someone to talk to and chitchat with
Someone to tell us we are beautiful
Someone to think of us daily
Someone to support us when we are in need 
Someone to spend time with us
Someone to eat with us 
Someone to take notice of our needs 
Someone to lean on and listen to us when we need to pour out our hearts
Someone to read our posts and share their thoughts to know that we are not alone in this journey 
Someone to care about how we feel
Someone who remembers our birthdays and celebrates with us 
Someone to come home to and cuddle with while watching our favorite movie and snacking and sipping our favorite wine, juice, water

Photo by Alexis-Fauvet on Unsplash

It matters 

Because we are human beings and not created to do life alone
Created to lean on each other
Created to be needed and be a support system to others 
Created to want and need good company with our fellow humans 
Created to love and to be loved

Therefore, it matters a lot that we are doing life together 

It’s great to spend time alone and recharge for some people
It’s great to be in solitude once in a while 
It’s great to be self-sufficient 
Yet, we can never find an equal to the touch, love or support of a fellow human 

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