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Down at the playground 
Clapping and singing songs of old memories going around the Merry-go-round
Where adults became kids 
Buried in their own imaginations
Kids calling for attention and adults trying to let the child in them have fun, reminiscing of how it used to be

When there was were no bills to worry about
When there was no heartbreak to nurture 
When there was no boss to complain about 
When there was no or less fear to try new things
When there was no family responsibility to worry about 
When there was nothing to really embarrass you 
When there was no reputation or self-image to worry about 

Let the kid in you out more often 
Let the kid in you teach you how not be afraid, but try new things and ideas
Let the kid in you teach you how to let go and relax
Let the kid in you teach you how to shake it off and quickly and move to the next thing
Let the kid in you teach how to be silly and enjoy silly moments too because Life can be silly. Don’t take it seriously all the time.

This weekend we went to the park by the lakeside. It was awesome watching adults on the swing enjoying themselves and kids playing and running around. Some seek attention from their parents when they are caught up in the moment escaping the business of adulthood. It was such a unique picture to look at. Makes me wonder how much they have missed playing without worry about any other thing and to just be in the moment.

Playground At Remington Park
By The Lakeside at Remington Park

My husband joined the kids and was lost in the moment, beaming with a great big smile and forgetting not only himself but also playing with the kids as if they were same-aged mates. 

Life is too hard, and sometimes as we grow up the responsibilities of life steal the fun and make us forget the kid in us. The kid in us misses the mud, the smelly sweat we get from chasing our friends around the playground.

Do not let the kid in you starve. Feed it once in a while and enjoy being carefree whenever you can, or rather create time to let the kid in you out.

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