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I know why you are calling, Success.
You think I can only reach you when I skip the process 
What is your value without process?

I know what you are thinking about me, Success 
You think I am a fool for choosing to stick with the process 
What lesson can you offer without the process?

I know you are fancy and appealing, Success 
You think that you are all that humans need for existence 
What is your worth without meaning and purpose?

I know what you’re trying to say to me, Success 
You think I pay a high price for not skipping the process 
You are wondering why I stick with it even when my heart is crushed
What you forgot is that ‘Crushing’ is not the end but part of the process 

I know the road leads to you, Success, can be long and messy
But let’s not skip the process 
A seed does not grow without dying first
Without the process, there is no story and without the story there is no lasting success 
Success is birthed in a story and clothed in glory 

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