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It may look like I’m standing still

But my boat has long drifted away 

In the belly of the ocean, swallowed by the waves of the sea like Jonah

When the darkness deepens, there will I spring forward like a bouncing ball and shine like star fish

I am no longer bound by a heavy yoke

My movement no longer loud like a the morning bell at a cathedral 

But silent like a church mouse, hidden from the listener

For only the observer can see the steps I have taken thus far

Moving to where my destiny is calling 

Slow like the crocodile, yet elegant like an eagle soaring towards the heavens 

3 thoughts on “I’m Moving

  1. lisahydrick – United states
    Taylor Grace says:


    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you dear😊

      1. lisahydrick – United states
        Taylor Grace says:

        You’re welcome 1♥️

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