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Be still my soul 
For the thousand thoughts that run in your mind cannot silent the voice of your Maker 

Be still my soul 
For the heavy load you’re carrying cannot be compared to the abundant rest prepared for you by your Maker

Be still my soul
For the noisy distractions that surround you cannot overshadow your life purpose created by your Maker 

Be still my soul 
For the loneliness you’re going through cannot be compared to the everlasting presence of your Maker 

Be still my soul
For the temporary moments of darkness cannot be compared to the endless moments of joy set apart for you by your Maker 

At times the world seems so noisy yet you feel like you’re alone in this big noisy world. Everything seems to work against you and you wonder if anyone cares or if anyone listening. This is especially true if you’re a believer and wonder if has God forgotten you. 
Just hold onto faith and know that ‘All Things Shall Work Together For Good’ (Roans 8:28) including the bad and the ugly. Your maker is at work because he never sleeps nor surrenders. 

Our souls may be restless at times but it is only for a moment. His presence is like a mighty river overflowing with joy and mercy. His touch is like the gentle hands of a nursing mother. Therefore, ‘Be Still And Know That He Is God’ (Psalm 46:10). And with him nothing is or shall ever be impossible. Let your soul find rest in his bosom.

2 thoughts on “Be Still My Soul

  1. Vivian Chemtai – Lifestyle blogger.
    Vivian Chemtai says:

    It’s good to have hopes that everything is gonna be well.

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you, Vivian. So true indeed, hope gives us assurance that no matter what happens everything be alright in the end.

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