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Where shall my heart find rest?
Shall cloth and splendor give it rest
Shall worldly riches and fame offer it rest
Shall the wisdom of this new age guarantee it rest
Shall the pleasures of this earth give it rest
Shall the lust of the flesh bring it rest
Shall pride of life bestow on it rest
Shall the eloquence of the tongue buy it rest

Oh my restless heart, where shall you then find rest?
Search the depths of the mighty ocean and see whether rest awaits you
Examine the universe in its entirety and see whether rest awaits you
Wander through space and ask the stars whether rest awaits you
Consult the minds of the wisest of all ages and ask them whether rest awaits you

Oh my restless heart, your rest is in your father’s heart
Find your rest and lay at his bosom
He will silence the noisy world and guide you
Therefore, surrender your whole heart unto your Holy father, and you shall enjoy everlasting rest

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