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Life is still good
Even when you don’t see the pathway for certain
And doubts seemed like an unequivocal burden
Take one step, then another, push through the despair
You have strength in your spirit while your lungs still have air

Life is still good Obstacles should not define your end but renew
Stand straight and face them with all that is in you
Mountains are meant to be climbed
Life will cheer for you when all else is behind

Life is still good
Don’t waste your life wondering about the ‘what ifs’
Take a chance and don’t be afraid to fall flat or miss
Don’t arrive at your grave with regrets like a hill
Life has a mission, so strive to achieve and fulfill

Life is still good
Do what you want as long as you give others the chance
Be authentic and vulnerable, and your strengths will enhance
Get over your mistakes, life rarely is neat But it is your canvas – erase, edit, draw, repeat

I want to live my life to the fullest and explore every possibility without letting fear and doubt hold me back. I want to be able to live by my own teaching or preaching. I realize that we humans can easily give advice and even encourage others to do things we may struggle to do or may never attempt to do in our lifetime.

That why I started 2020 on a very different note. In order to inspire others, you must be willing to get inspired yourself. I want to do the things that scare me and personal blogging is one of the ways because it is easier to just write what seems popular and appealing than to write for the healing of your soul and other souls too.

Let’s learn to uncover the layers in order to discover and learn to accept our true selves. Lets not just go through the motions but learn to enjoy the process and find out our true purpose or calling in life. Self-compassion is important, therefore practice self-compassion and give yourself a break whenever you do not meet your standard or societal standard. Perfection is a myth and is unattainable.

Life is a gift that we all must learn to enjoy and while figuring out its mystery and fulfilling our purpose. Let thy self flourish with what nourishes your body, spirit, soul, and mind as long you are allowing others to do the same. Create a safe space for yourself, your creativity and for others too. A life lived in the lens of mindfulness yields precious fruits for the owner and others around.

Happy Weekend, thank you for reading and stay blessed always.

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