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My First Love

I’ve searched beyond human habitat, for someone like you
But none could fill my heart and soul like only you could do
I chased knowledge, read many books, to fill the empty space
But none can hold my interest, none could take your place
I’ve seen the wisdom this world offers. It couldn’t fill me, left me empty
I pursued the things the world had promised would ever make me happy
Yet it vanishes like mist in the light of morning sun
Only your endless joy can calm my storm of emotions

Now I return to you feeling as though I never left before
I promise you undying love from here to eternity forever more
Like Gomer and Hosea, you chose me first and I turned my back
You welcome me with your faithfulness and your mercy never lacks
To whom shall I compare your beauty, beyond the reach of the stars in the sky
Oh my first love, let my heart seek you as David did, unyielding until you’re nigh



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