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“Peace is its own reward.” —Mahatma Gandhi

Let peace guide you as you walk the path of uncertainty surrounding our lives and the world we live in. We’re constantly on guard with fear, worry, and anxiety, yet thoughts of peace, love, and hope can counteract the negative effects and help us find balance.

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” —Wayne W. Dyer

Peace is not freedom of problem or chaos, but the ability to navigate stressful situations or conflicts without losing your mind. Sometimes it’s hard for the mind to distinguish between reality and imagination, especially if you are experiencing mental health problems, severe stress, or emotional distress.

Since the human mind cannot distinguish reality from imagination, we should always fill our minds with good, positive, kind, and lovely thoughts.” – Dr. Rod Carman

Finding Peace

1. Fill Yourself With God’s Peace: Jesus always said “Go in peace” to those he healed or forgave because he knew that with peace we can stay above the waters

2. Be Thankful For The Little Things: Gratitude opens doors to positive thinking and appreciation of life. “You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.” —Eckhart Tolle

3. Let Faith Become Habit: Faith is important in times of uncertainty. Allow faith to rule over fear, worry, and anxiety in this season. Having faith means “trusting or having confidence in a deity or spiritual concept. It is thought of as belief or trust in a higher being with little or no proof or evidence” (Ungvarsky, 2020). The art of faith is half the battle against anxiety and the root fear of losing control. Peace will reign when you know someone more powerful than yourself is in control and cares about you.

4. Be Hopeful Always: Visualize hopeful scenarios as much as possible. By feeding your mind with optimism you intentionally feed your mind with positivity, otherwise, your mind will feed on anything available. When the woman with the issue of blood acted upon what she first imagined, Jesus told her that her faith made her whole.

In conclusion, peace is attainable even in the midst of the storm. Hold on to peace and let fear, worry, and anxiety slip away. Your critical mental and emotional health will benefit greatly. Remember that peace in the Bible means safety, stability, healing, deliverance, and freedom – Dr. Rob Carman

Thank you for reading and may the “Peace of God” be with you always. Happy Wellness Wednesday. And stay blessed always!


7 thoughts on “Let Peace Guide You

  1. Rivers Renewed – East Coast – Restoring and renewing our rivers through poetry and wordflow.
    Ancient Skies says:

    Beautiful words.

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thanks dear😊

      1. Rivers Renewed – East Coast – Restoring and renewing our rivers through poetry and wordflow.
        Ancient Skies says:


  2. shedrackamy
    shedrackamy says:

    Nice one.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lashaan Balasingam @ Roars and Echoes – Reader. Reviewer. Researcher. Criminology Ph.D. Candidate. Montreal, Quebec (Canada). Want to know more? Connect with him!
    Lashaan Balasingam @ Bookidote says:

    It’s definitely key to be one with peace before giving out/searching for peace around us! Great post again, Marie!

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you, Lashaan. You’re absolutely right, we should look for peace within us.

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