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“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumblebee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”
– Ashley Smith

Don’t wait for people to approve or believe in you before you take action. It is your dream and not theirs; they can’t possibly understand it or grasp it as you do.

Believe me, I understand how it feels when no one gets your dreams and are less than supportive. It is normal to desire those close to you to believe in you and support your dream, but we do not live in a perfect world.

Life is full of complications and often, we live life forward but understand it backward. Most insights come in only after the effects.

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
– C.S. Lewis

Focus on Your Dreams When Nobody Believes in You

1. Encourage yourself and stay focused– David in the Bible had to encourage himself when people around him were less supportive and it worked for him. Give a try, and start encouraging yourself

2. Stop convincing people to believe in you or dreams – You can use that time to work on your dreams. Be the support you want instead. Sometimes kindness is the only language that works on people.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
– Arthur Ashe

3. Be careful how much you’re telling them about your dreams – It can lead to severe discouragement. If those close to you do not believe you can do something, then you may doubt yourself. Regardless of the truth, it can affect you.

4. Connect with like-minded people and network – Be willing to learn and educate yourself.

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As creators (Writers, Poets, Artists etc,.) it is common for people around you to assume you’re wasting your time with your creative endeavors. If you write (or paint or dance or sculpt or sing, I suppose), someone will try to make you feel lousy about it. – Stephen King

Decide and weigh all the options for yourself. Find a mentor or study past and present creators to see how they overcame such obstacles.

Your dreams matter because they contribute to your happiness. Keep encouraging yourselves and trust you’re never alone in this process. Stay true to yourself and be the help and support you want in life for others.

Many times you have to believe before it can come to pass…You have to quit looking for the magic and realize that the magic is in you. Carrie Wilkerson

Thank you for reading. To All The Dreamers Out There, Keep Dreaming And Don’t Forget To Take Actions. Stay Blessed Always.


13 thoughts on “Believe in Your Dreams

  1. Rivers Renewed – East Coast – Restoring and renewing our rivers through poetry and wordflow.
    Ancient Skies says:

    Truly beautiful. Thank you!

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you, dear ☺

  2. Manu
    Perth Girl says:

    Very encouraging Marie.

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you, dear 😘. I appreciate it.

  3. Era – I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .
    Era says:

    Very well written and inspiring article 🙂🙂

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you, Era. I appreciate it so much.

      1. Era – I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .
        Era says:

        You’re most welcome, Marie 🙂🙂

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    PoetryHost says:

    Brilliant article, thank you for sharing this.

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate it 🙏

  5. thejourneyndestination – Believer in sharing and spreading joy in this journey called life ✨ Obsessed with desserts + documenting adventures along the way ✌
    thejourneyndestination says:

    Lovely post, dear 🙂

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Thank you, dear 😘

  6. Joel Abakah – Words are simply children that my thoughts nurture into phrases and sentences🌸🌸
    Joel Abakah says:

    Not having people you love support your dream or potential can really bring a person. I’ve experienced that. But like you said, focusing our energy on our dreams instead of playing into their doubt is worth it!

    1. Marie Cook
      Marie Jeanderine Cook says:

      Well said, Joel. Thank you for your wonderful and thoughtful insights. I appreciate it 🙏

      No time to waste, let’s focus on our dreams ✨ . Stay blessed

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