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The world of imagination deep as humanityExperience with words, art, painting and singingRecreated with magical fingersBy co-makers rendering it to the naked human eyesWith poetic words, creative arts, and eloquent speechesShowcasing the glorious display of the creatorDone not for purposes merely utilitarian or pragmaticBut with the sense of moving us into deeper wonderAnd awakening our …

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The world expects me to choose my genreBut like jazz music, I can’t be tamed into uniformity The world wants me to wear a label and create a personaBut like jazz, my improvisation yields spontaneity The world wants me to remain the same for the sake of comfortBut like jazz, I continue to evolve and …

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“Self-Care is how you take your power back.” – Lalah Delia Self-care is especially important during this time of quarantine.  You must guard your mind and monitor your self-talk, because “A man is not what he thinks, but what he thinks, he is” – Norman Vincent Peale. As you are taking care of others, spare time …

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