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Peace, Prince of Peace, God, Joy, Rejoice

Peace is always in the midst of it allRunning through like an endless riverFlowing from the inner core of every beingMonitored and sustained by the Prince of PeaceNo matter the ordeal, peace will be thereWhether in the highest mountain or lowest valley,Peace will always mark its presenceTake a deep breathe and let peace remind you …

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Let him who walks, walk in the lightTo show another’s pathAnd together, they shall be sons of Light He’ll enter through the right door with delightFor a crown waits for himAnd the light in him shall shine with great might Though he may stumble at nightWhen darkness is at its peakThe heavens shall show the …

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Wellness is a philosophy of living that can help people live a more satisfying, productive, and happy life. Peggy Swarbrick The beginning of the year brings many goals and resolutions for incorporating Wellness to reduce daily stressors and anxiety. The ancient Greeks understood this concept, and often went to temples to find relief from stress, …

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