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Majesty, God, Majestic, Might, Glory,

Mighty and impeccable God,How great thou art None can compete with you in the squadYou’re at the top of every chart You reign in a class of your own without a facadeThe universe only reveals your glory in part Scientists efforts to prove your nonexistence aboundGeneration after generation without stop Yet, their efforts prove futile, …

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The world of imagination deep as humanityExperience with words, art, painting and singingRecreated with magical fingersBy co-makers rendering it to the naked human eyesWith poetic words, creative arts, and eloquent speechesShowcasing the glorious display of the creatorDone not for purposes merely utilitarian or pragmaticBut with the sense of moving us into deeper wonderAnd awakening our …

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I’ll pour out my heartPraise you like never beforeThough I’m in the midst of the stormWhere my past looked betterAnd my future boasts of greener grassYet, my heart shall praise youRight in the middle, where I am “Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in …

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