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The birds flock in concert And harmonize their chorus Each with a measure of space In tune with the ensemble In life, we need each other to survive and create. When a predator sees a group of birds it knows success won’t come easily. If you attack one you face the wrath of all. Another’s …

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Use 2020 as your excuse to start again or do something different. Do not let fear, doubts or insecurities hold you down. Only when we are no longer afraid, do we begin to live. Dorothy Thompson Not Good Enough Many a time, the feeling of “not good enough” finds a way of crippling our minds, …

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No One Knowns For Certain How Much Impact They Have On The Lives Of Other People. Oftentimes, We Have No Clue. Yet We Push It Just The Same . Jay Asher Pammy was able to function well and live independently with the support of her sister. Yet, loneliness and yearning for proper friends had been …

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