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Hope, Faith

How are you doing? though I may already knowI hope you’re still standing in faith  Considering how far you have already comeThank you for your courage and strength It is well, and God is still in control. Its been a while since we were asked to practice self quarantining. Time flies and we are now living …

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The mind is like a battlefieldWhere words are powerful weapons The mind, like a warriorUses words to engage and dismantle the enemy The mind, like a guardian angelUses words to shield and comfort the weary heart The mind, like a leaderUses words to encourage and guide the heart The mind, like a manualProduces and stores …

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Healing Can Begin When We Are Ready To Exposes The Wound With The New Day Comes New Strengths and New Thoughts. Eleanor Roosevelt When we are going through trauma it is usually hard to look at things with a different lens, yet when we do so, there comes relief.  Sometimes minor relief, yet powerful in …

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